Securing a mortgage when you are in a difficult credit situation might seem like an impossible task, but facing credit challenges is a common experience for homebuyers and homeowners in Mississauga and the GTA. Some reasons for having difficult credit include:

  • Bankruptcy, which has a substantial and long-lasting impact on credit, but its impact lessens over time. Collections, usually from unpaid debts, can also be a significant hurdle. 
  • A limited credit history. It’s important to have a solid track record in managing debt.
  • Separation and divorce. The financial repercussions of divorce can lead to credit challenges for both parties involved.
  • Irregular income. Those self-employed can sometimes find it difficult to showcase financial stability.
  • Excessive debt – credit cards, CRA arrears. property tax arrears, car loans, and mortgage payments – can make it difficult to make scheduled payments, which leads to credit difficulties. Overdue payments are the biggest mark against your credit score.
  • Sudden changes in employment, such as job loss or a reduction in income, can make it challenging for individuals to meet their financial obligations, impacting their credit.

Despite these challenges, there are strategies to improve mortgage eligibility:

Focus on Credit Improvement Strategies: Improving your credit score is well within your control. It’s important to focus on consistently paying your bills on time, keeping the utilization of your credit cards less than 30% of their limits, and not taking on any new debt. If you have limited credit history, building credit with a secured credit card, managing small loans wisely, and paying bills on time will gradually create a positive credit profile.

Consider a Larger Downpayment: You may be able to mitigate your credit-related issues by increasing the size of your downpayment. Aiming for at least 20% gives you more financial stability in the eyes of lenders and results in lower monthly mortgage payments. Mortgage default insurance is also not needed when you have a downpayment exceeding 20%, giving you a lower overall mortgage amount. A gift downpayment may help you get there.

Seek a Co-Signer: Enlist the support of someone with a strong credit history to co-sign the mortgage with you. The co-signer’s income, assets, and credit score will be added to your application, giving you a stronger case. Note that a co-signer assumes equal responsibility for the mortgage payments.

A Private Mortgage Can Be a Great Short-Term Solution

Private mortgages, unlike traditional bank loans, involve borrowing from an individual or private entity as a short-term solution. It can be a terrific way to consolidate debt and get you in a position to improve your credit situation.

What is a Private Mortgage? A private mortgage is a loan agreement between you and a private lender, bypassing traditional financial institutions. These lenders may include individuals, private companies, or investment firms. Private mortgages are known for their flexibility in considering alternative criteria beyond just credit scores.

How to Get a Private Mortgage: Getting a private mortgage involves connecting with private lenders through a mortgage broker like Joe Purewal. The process typically includes a thorough assessment of your financial situation, the property value, and your repayment plan. Private lenders are more concerned with the property’s value and your ability to repay than strict credit criteria.

Considerations for Private Mortgages: While private mortgages offer flexibility, you must be aware of the associated considerations. Interest rates and fees are often higher than traditional mortgages. Understanding the terms, including repayment schedule and potential penalties, is vital. Additionally, it’s important to remember that a private mortgage is a short-term solution, which is why you need a clear plan for improving your credit so you can transition to a traditional mortgage with better terms. Joe Purewal is a Private Mortgage Specialist and always develops an exit strategy with his clients to ensure the private mortgage solution is not for the long term.

Joe Purewal Specializes in Credit Repair

Securing a mortgage with difficult credit in Mississauga, Toronto, or the GTA is challenging but not impossible. Professional guidance is important, and consulting a mortgage expert like top-rated Mississauga Mortgage Broker Joe Purewal is highly recommended.

As an experienced Mortgage Broker in Mississauga, Joe collaborates with top private lenders and financial institutions specializing in poor credit mortgages. Joe is dedicated to helping you find a mortgage aligned with your financial ability. Whether you need a mortgage with less-than-perfect credit or aim to enhance your credit for future opportunities, reach out for a conversation. Joe has assisted numerous individuals in improving their credit and connecting them with mortgage lenders that cater to their unique needs.

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