Stress Free Loans for First Time Home Buyers

As one of the most experienced brokers in Ontario, Joe Purewal and Associates understand the anxiety that comes with the process of buying your first home. Utilizing our expertise built over more than 20 years of experience, we make it our responsibility to provide you with first-hand assistance in walking you through the different stages of home ownership to make the entire experience as easy as possible.

Our team will be guiding you from the early stages of determining property affordability, shopping for the best rates, qualifying for the mortgage up until we reach moving day! We will answer every query and help resolve every issue that may arise in relation to the approval process to ensure you have a smooth transition into being a homeowner.

Why trust a Mortgage Broker for your Mortgage needs instead of a Bank?

Imagine the number of calls or emails that you have to send to every Bank in order to figure out the rates and loans you can qualify for. It will take a good chunk of your time to find the right Bank that will give you what you need and at the rate you want. For us, qualifying you comes naturally. With compelling experience in the industry, we can figure out right away which Lender you can qualify for so you can go ahead and spend more time in looking for your home.

We ask the questions for you, so you don’t have to!

Specialist Knowledge:
Just like how you are an expert at your job, we specialize on ours. We know how to best present your application to the bank so a near perfect approval rating is achieved every single time!

Exclusive Channels:
We continue to build our network of lending institutions so we can provide you with options. There is no singular solution if you’re open to possibilities.

Best Rates:
We offer versatile solutions at competitive mortgage rates that would both suit your short-term and long-term goals.

Professional and Personal Advice:
We don’t just stop after providing you with an approval. We entertain all possibilities be it an additional home-equity line of credit for future renovations or home improvement loans added into your mortgage. We answer your most difficult questions and offer you tailored advice to suit your need.

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