Time for Renewal!

You get that letter in the mail from your existing Mortgage Provider saying your Renewal is coming soon! It also shows a series of options that they offer you if you want to continue with them. At this point you have two options, either initial the box beside the rate you think is the lowest or you call us!

You’ve heard on the radio the usual “MORTGAGE RATES ARE GOING DOWN!” However, you don’t see that reflecting on your renewal letter and were here to help.

As a golden rule in any contract, don’t sign on the fine print unless you have completely read the document or explored your options; and we will be guiding you to do just that.

We have a series of connections from a diverse number of lending institutions to give you the bigger picture of what’s out there; of what you can actually qualify for. We will assist you to find the best offer that will suit your needs and plan for both your short-term and long-term goals.

So, try not to settle so quickly unless you’ve seen what we have to offer!

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