Renting vs Home Ownership


Credit Issues?

Unique Income Situation?

Financing Considerations for Non-Traditional Borrowers/Situations

Below we have provided a list of the most common non-traditional situations, however, please note, that not all situations are listed and each is looked at on a case-by-case basis to fit with the appropriate lender each situation is unique and looked at accordingly.

Employment – Self-employed
– Recent job start/change
– Work experience outside Canada
– Lack of work history
– Part-time
Income – Non-verifiable
– Salary + commission
– Seasonal
– Commission
– Salary OT and/or bonus
Credit – Spotty/bad credit
– No credit
– Good, but a lot of credit
– Previously bankrupt
Property – Rental
– Construction
– Cottages/vacation homes
– Multiplex
– Investment
– Rural/acreage
– Mobile homes
Status – Non-resident – New immigrant
Financial – Purchase plus improvement